The Importance of Being Earnest

I am a cynical, snarky bastard. It comes to me naturally. 99% of the time I don’t think about it or feel compelled to examine my psyche, but every once in a while it comes up.

For those who haven’t heard Tim Tebow announced that he is going to pursue a career in professional baseball. This led to all kinds of responses from fans, the media, and professional athletes. Being a Baltimore guy the two responses that stood out the most to me were Adam Jones’ and Kevin Van Valkenburg’s. First Jones’ reply:

Now Van Valkenburg’s:

I have to admit that my first response was much more Jones than Van Valkenburg, but after I thought about it a little bit I changed my position. Like a lot of sports fans I got tired of having Tebow shoved in my face and dominating the sports cycle, especially when he was a backup QB, but never have I doubted his earnestness and committment to his faith. In a less cynical world, one that was not so surprised that a handsome young athlete with the world at his feet could honestly stay away from the booze and women being thrown at him, Tim Tebow would in fact be a role model. I can say that if I had a son or daughter I would be proud to encourage them to model their lives after him. He may not be an NFL caliber QB, but you could argue that a lot of the guys that have that position right now fall into the same category (please leave your “is Joe Flacco elite” comments below). What he is, however, is real and honest and totally comfortable in his own skin, and that is something we could all strive towards being. I hope he finds success in baseball, but if he doesn’t I hope he finds success in whatever he chooses next. I think he’s earned it.


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